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 Whether you want to host a small intimate dinner, an outdoor barbecue, formal dinner or retreat we can help. Perfect for hosting groups of up to 175 people, we offer four different spaces, as well as a number of helpful services and on-site catering.


Our variety of locations are perfect for any and all events, such as:

Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Celebrations of Life, Craft Groups, Business Meetings and so much more!

Click to Read Functions Terms and Conditions 


Functions Terms & Conditions:

In order to secure the preferred date for your function, a deposit of $200.00 is required. Woodbound Inn reserves the right to book any date until both the Inn and the customer have signed a confirmed contract along with the required deposit. Any cancellation after seven (7) days of signing the contract will result in the forfeit of the deposit.

Guarantees & Minimums
A guaranteed attendance number must be provided seven (7) days prior to the date of the function. If no guarantee is received by the specified deadline, the initial expected attendance figure will be considered the guarantee and will be billed accordingly. The final guarantee is not subject to reduction. Woodbound Inn will not be responsible for service to more than five (5) percent over the guaranteed number of persons. The minimum number of guests for the Edgewood Ballroom is 100 persons. If the final guarantee falls below the minimum allowance, the client will be responsible to meet the minimum.

Payments & Cancellation
All function estimates must be paid in full by 72 hours prior to the event. A more detailed payment schedule is outlined in our contract. Woodbound Inn will accept cash, check or credit card for payment of the event. The deposit and all additional payments that have been made, are non-refundable should the function be cancelled at any time after the above mentioned term.

Additional Charges
Room Rental & Set-up Fee:
The set-up fee is charged based on function space reserved. The rates are as follows:
▪ Brummer Room $175.00
▪ Play Barn $400.00

*Patio $200.00
▪ Edgewood Ballroom $750.00
▪ Beach $750.00

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